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Modernization of mechanical scales
Modernization and reconstruction of truck and railway truck scales is one of the main directions of work of Vesovaya LLP. We carry out a full range of works – we dismantle the levers and prisms, install the platform on the sensors and install software to control the new weights. We replace the system of levers of mechanical scales on supports with built-in strain gauges, at the same time we leave the existing platform and foundation ..
What is the modernization of the scales in Vesovaya LLP
There is used a special kit for modernization:
  • strain gauges;
  • integration units, terminal box, longitudinal and transverse platform oscillation system, cables;
  • weight indicator.
Strain gauges take up the load from the weighed transport, and convert it into electrical signals coming through the cable connections first into the junction box and then into the weight indicator.
The digital light-emitting indication in the weight indicator shows the mass, parameters and operating modes of the scales, and the RS-232 interface serves for communication with the computer.
During the modernization process:
  • levers, prisms, scales rods, weight measuring knobs are dismantled;
  • existing load carrier is repaired (if necessary);
  • grouting of newels for strain gauges is carried out in the foundation sump;
  • platform is mounted on sensors;
  • weighing indicator is installed in the scale house and, as well as a personal computer with software, if necessary;
  • check out of the scales is carried out and the scales are handed over to the State verification officer.
High reliability and accuracy of the scales
High productivity of weighting (due to reduction of weighing time)
Possibility of including the scales into unified automated accounting system
Complete and reliable documentation of weighing results
Low cost in comparison with the installation of new scales
Simplification of repair and maintenance
The mechanical weighing method as opposed to the electronic one has following problems:
  • control of groundwater;
  • frequent maintenance and repair of scales;
  • weight registration errors;
  • low weighing speed;
  • impossibility of operative control of the weight.
Advantages of modernization of truck or railway truck scales:
  • high reliability and accuracy of the scales;
  • reduction of weighing time increases weight output;
  • possibility of including scales into unified automated accounting system;
  • low cost in comparison with the installation of new scales, due to the use of the existing load-receiving platform, foundation and weighing room;
  • complete and reliable documentation of weighing results;
  • simplified repair and maintenance.
The cost of works on the modernization of truck or railway truck scales depends on the number of strain gauges to be installed.