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Paluan-VEA-60 3х16
Truck scales Paluan-VEA-60 3х16 class - The standard is designed for weighing long-distance trucks with trailers and semi-trailers with a small axle load and a low density of cargo. Amplification of the weight hanger to the Premium class is available.
Paluan-VEA-80 3х18
Truck scales Paluan-VEA-80 3х18 class – the Premium can balance any transport with width up to 3 meters, as well as "EURO TRUCK". The density of cargo does not bear fundamental importance. There are used 8 sensors, which assist to distribute the load on the platform uniformly and proportionally.
Paluan-VEA-100 4,5х12
This model is designed for weighing short, 2-axle and 3-axle machines, with a high load capacity of BelAZ type
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