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Service tool
Service tool "Maintenance 2.0"
A radically new approach to maintenance of Paluan scales manufactured by Vesovaya LLP gives improved service, high response speed to requests and ease of maintenance of scales:
Having analyzed the previous experience, we offer you the following concept:
  • Subscription fee: for a month - 33 000, for a quarter - 99 000, for a year - 396 000 tenge.
  • Compulsory examination within 60 days, complete diagnosis.
  • Free replacement of electronics, except for cases of mechanical or electrical damage (dent, cable break, voltage drop).
  • Free verification of truck scales once a year.
  • 30% discount on the purchase of spare parts.
  • Free installation of software, besides replacing laptop and PC.
Mechanism of action:
When concluding a contract for maintenance, the client will be offered completely free to install completely new software (photo-video recording, remote access and control (barrier, traffic light), 1C integration, etc.).This software installs a license key for a period of 60 + 30 days. What does it give? Intuitive, easy and important utility software increases customer loyalty.
Advantages of this concept:
Advantages for customers:
  • low monthly fee
  • free calibration on truck scales
  • Maintenance every 60 days
  • new software, e-mail & SMS notification oт maintenance and verification dates
  • Constant warranty on electronics
  • 30% discount on spare parts
  • an electronic journal of the records of the performed works and recommendations
  • upon the expiration of warranty of newly introduced scales, the warranty is prolonged
  • reducing the incapacitation risk of the scales at the right time, weight loss of materials supplied
  • discount is available for the purchase of new scales